UxU Royalty Program 


Join the UxU movement by participating in our exclusive Royalty Program.


What is the UxU Royalty program?


There is an art to sharing your craft with the world. While it may be more appealing to focus solely on the front lines, you can't forget to invest in the hustle behind your product. 


That's where WE come in. 


We want you to feel like royalty.


UxU is a one-stop shop for your content, marketing, and creative project goals. 

Through our Royalty program, we want to give you a seat at the table with fellow artists and business minds. 

In addition to providing you with exclusive project management services, our customized loyalty program includes:

  • 25% client discount rate for services
  • 5 free website content edits and structure updates
  • Free business/creative consultations
  • Free behind-the-scenes project media and visuals (photos, video, social media updates, etc.)
  • Visibility on UxU website
  • Exclusive VIP access to all UxU events
  • Free UxU apparel


  • one-time $150 initiation fee
  • $75/month for membership


There are two tiers to our royalty program package. Additional fees may apply. Contact us for details.


Tier 1: Full UxU Production Team

  • Creates a larger platform to handle more extensive projects
  • Project management services
  • Guarantees top shooters and team members to perform project duties


Tier 2: Individual UxU Shooters

  • Guaranteed team shooters for project production
  • Quick turnaround for project deliverables
  • Provides you with full access, planning, and implementation to your project