The Uxu referral partner program

Bringing Value To All

The UxU Referral Program allows clients to save on their ongoing projects in exchange for being our branding partners. By simply spreading the word of your success with our brand and our services, you may be eligible for a discount on your next project. 


Here's how our program works


Current UxU clients will share the services UxU provides with others. If one of those individuals signs up for a service package, they will receive a 5% discount their order. For a successful referral, you as the client will receive a $50 credit for your next project that, a promotion valid for 30 days. However, customers can use multiple valid credits on a singular project.

Cool right?!

Get Started

Complete the form on the bottom of this page to join our Referral Partner Program. That's the first step to start earning credits toward free and discounted work on your next project with UxU.


Next Steps

After submitting this application, you will receive an email with your Referral Partner URL and information on how to send your leads to UxU and start saving on all your UxU projects!