...the Creative Agency that brings quality media production services. At UxU, we take pride in providing our clientele with the upmost level of professionalism by heeding to our brand standard of quality and attention to detail. 

our motto is simple


Why deal with multiple individuals when you can work with one team? Let go of stress and let us handle everything as we take your concept from just an idea to a final product by taking care of every step in between. Browse each category below and see how we can fill in the gaps of your vision!




Our process starts with YOU. Find the service you need through the UxU Pathfinder and share your vision with us so we can start building a plan to bring it into reality.

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2.free consultation

Upon receiving your inquiry, an UxU Project Manager will contact you to schedule a consultation with our creative team. This is where the fun begins!

Our consultation is an all-hands-on-deck brainstorming session to help build a production strategy for your project. This is also the time where we begin building an estimate and production team based on your project needs and deliverable timeline.

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3. signing day

Upon approval of the final estimate, you will receive a service contract outlining our process, service details and protocol for cancellation.

Once we receive your signed contract, we will send you a project invoice.

All UxU projects require a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure the project production date and begin pre-production work.

All other payments must be made before any final deliverables are released to you for your project.


4. peace of mind

Let go of worry as your Project Manager brings your vision to life with the help of UxU's talented artists and branding specialists.

Maximize your value by learning more of the creative process every step of the way with a project package custom tailored to your specific needs.